IKR 2017 Round 3 Race Report

Data Analysis

After our productive debut meeting (IKR Round 2)  we heading to IKR Round 3. That time we entered four drivers, Gyula, Laszlo, Istvan, and Zsolt. We made a one Race Number Change for Laszlo, from this Round he use #31. (Previously he used #79)

After our debut race meeting, we proudly announce, our improved performance. In the Qualification Laszlo made a 4th Place on Used Tyres. Then in the First Heat he finished on the Podium. Dont forget this Round he’s second in he’s life. Also all our drivers finished in the top 10. In the Second Heat we on the Podium again by Gyula. We are realy proud about the overall results, due Laszlo finished on the Podium (3rd), followed by Gyula (4th), in the Top 10 Istvan (9th), and Zsolt Bring Home he’s Kart in 14th.

Rye House IKR 2017, Round 3, Rotax 177 Class

Racing Republic Drivers

#1  Zsolt Csaszar  CRG Dark Knight
#70 Gyula Gardonyi CRG Dark Knight
#31 Laszlo Janos CRG KT1
#7 Istvan Nagy CRG KT1


5th  #31 L. Janos 37.475
8th #70 Gy. Gardonyi 37.817
14th #7 I. Nagy 38.441
16th #1 Zs. Csaszar 38.785

Heat 1

3th  #31 L. Janos
4th #70 Gy. Gardonyi
6th #7 I. Nagy
9th #1 Zs. Csaszar

Heat 2

3th #70 Gy. Gardonyi
5th  #31 L. Janos
12th #7 I. Nagy
15th #1 Zs. Csaszar

Final Heat

6th #70 Gy. Gardonyi
7th  #31 L. Janos
11th #7 I. Nagy
13th #1 Zs. Csaszar

Overall Result

3th  #31 L. Janos
4th #70 Gy. Gardonyi
9th #7 I. Nagy
14th #1 Zs. Csaszar

Thanks for reading, see you at the next round.

IKR 2017 Round 3 Gallery


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